The Cat In The Hat Dakotina role

27. dubna 2010 v 14:17
Sally: Number one: Today's to-do list. Number two: Practice coloring. Number three: Research graduate schools. Number four: Be spontaneous. Number fiive: Create lasting childhood memories ... Number 10: Make tomorrow's to-do list.
Sally: Do you know how hard it's getting to tell people that we're related?
Sally: I tried to tell him, Mom. But he went right ahead and wrecked the house and let Nevins get away. Now, again, I hope you're going to ground him.
Sally: You rescued Nevins! Thanks, Lawrence!
Sally: Oh I don't want to be a princess, in a constitutional monarchy, parliament has all the power.
Sally: Mommy, can't I have some rules?
Sally: What was that?
Sally: Come on, Conrad.
Sally: A monster? Where?
Sally: Where did you come from?
Sally: Who are you?
Sally: The fiish is talking!
Sally: It goes against my better instincts, but...
Sally: Bad, Conrad! Bad!
Sally: I wanna make cupcakes!
Sally: Cat, you need to clean this mess up pronto.
Sally: You don't try. You do.
Sally: Well, this is just great, Conrad. The whole house is destroyed, the party is ruined,and now Nevins is gone.
Sally: How come Denise didn't invite me to her birthday?
Sally: I did it! I did it!
Sally: By the way, you're a pretty good brother.
Sally: Cat, this day has been... amazing.
Sally: Mom, you can make cupcakes out of anything.

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