Hansel & Gretel Dakoty role

19. dubna 2010 v 15:00
Katie: I don't like sheep. They scare me.
Katie: Stop it!
Katie: I can't sleep with the light off.
Katie: I miss mom . And I think there's something in the closet.
Katie: There aren't any sheep in any of these fairy tales, are there?

Katie: You wouldn't sell any of mommy's things, would you, daddy?
Katie: What is it?
Katie: Sorry, I just got caugh up with the moment.

Katie: It's ok daddy. We are just fine.
Katie: I'm hungry. It's all the talk about food. Can I get a cookie?
Katie: Wait for me. I'll be back in a flash.
Katie: Lost my appetite.
Katie: Gretel was brave, wasn't she?
Katie: Daddy, you can turn the light out.
Katie: I liked it
Katie: I see fairy tale people

Katie: Will you come back tomorow night?


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